How are Agua Systems Affordable as compared to existing solutions despite the advance technology?

We design end to end solutions in house

Be it PCB Design, BOM procurement, EMS, Firmware development, CAD Design, Server Configuration or Android/iOS/Windows Application development.

  • What this means is that there is no outside technology provider who draws royalty from our solutions keeping core pricing low.
  • Buying right from the manufacturers of raw materials dissolves middle man margins.

These designs are further carried to market by our partner companies

We have outsourced all major field related operations.

  • This means that we have the firepower of over 5000 employees
  • Only the cost of service is added on the product
  • Idle salaries and bench time is not added on the product
  • Large number of service providers ensure on time service

Quality checks on site and off site are maintained by our servers ensuring no human error

People make mistakes, but our customers need not suffer as our devices being internet connected are monitored by our online servers

  • This reduces our investment on expensive on site teams
  • Product price remains affordable
  • Advance technology is delivered
  • All faulty products are replaced on site without expensive on site repairs