Why Wireless?

Wired automation systems lack the ability to scale conveniently.

  • Extensive efforts go in cabling and maintenance
  • Long signal cables are prone to noise
  • Cable joints are prone to environmental damage
  • Finding faults is highly cumbersome
  • At times the length of the cable causes stress on signal carriers
  • Cable is prone to damage by the environment
  • The system is limited by the number of communication channels on master devices
  • Cables have trouble carrying signal for greater lengths(>100m)

As depicted in the above image, the setup mentioned will be practically impossible to be implemented by a wired system. With a modular wireless system, the above system is not only possible, but also highly cost effective and requires minimum post installation maintenance.

What's different in NARA Wireless?

N.A.R.A : Networked Advance Radio Architecture

N.A.R.A is a protocol stack designed for simpler implementation of mass sensor networks. It has multiple configurations to suit all industrial needs. The protocol enables remote programmability of devices and self diagnostic feature.

It has a host of features:

  • Clash correction
  • Data filtering
  • Real time low power clock with Calendar support
  • Time allocation
  • Extreme low power modes
  • Optional tracking system
  • Noise isolation
  • Multi master-slave configuration
  • Self learning artificial intelligence system

Self/Remote-programmability of:

  • Range 10m to 1800m
  • 124 select able channels
  • Real time low power clock with Calendar support
  • Packet filtering and processing
  • 16 data transmission modes
  • Multi module support
  • Multi sensor type support
  • Multi protocol support (GSM, BLE, Wi Fi, RF)