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Case Studies

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Title: Real-time monitoring and maintenance of Sewerage network in Rajasthan city, to improve health and hygiene.


Agua, a leading provider of water management solutions, was approached by the city of Beawer to tackle a major challenge - the management of its sewage system. The system was facing clogging issues, leading to overflow and flooding in nearby residential areas. The traditional approach of manual inspections of every manhole was not only inefficient, but also exposed workers to hazardous environments. Recognizing the need for a safer and more efficient solution, the city partnered with Agua.


Agua proposed a fully standalone and wireless solution consisting of ultrasonic level sensor-based sewer line monitoring. The devices use solar power as the primary energy source and are equipped with GSM SIM cards for reliable connectivity and communication. The level sensors installed in sewer manholes detect debris and chokepoints in real-time, enabling remote monitoring of the entire sewer network. Authorities are alerted in case of increase in sewage levels beyond the maximum threshold.


In total, 170 units were deployed in four cities in Rajasthan, resulting in a 68.75% reduction in initial cost in comparison to PLC-based systems. Pro-active maintenance of the networks not only improves the health and safety of the system, but also prevents potential floods in case of heavy rains. This project showcases Agua's expertise in providing innovative and effective solutions for water management challenges, while also being cost-effective and sustainable

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