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Online Monitoring

Monitor your entire water network, just using your smartphone

1) Water Flow Monitoring

Agua’s Smart water meters track the water volume passing through a section of the pipeline. Some use cases for this include -


● Monitor the amount of water supplied to various sections of the water distribution grid.


● Generate water bills based on actual consumption.


● Analyze current and historical trends of consumption.


● Identify anomalies in usage due to leaky faucets or damaged pipelines.

2) Storage Level Monitoring

Agua’s level monitoring system utilizes sensors to monitor the water levels in water and wastewater tanks. Some use cases for this include -


● Monitor water demand in city level storage reservoirs, overhead storage tanks, sumps and household tanks.


● Monitor change in water levels as storage tanks receive freshwater, to prevent tank overflows.


● Monitor sludge levels in septic tanks and sewer manholes. Early detection of sewage overflow helps promote public health and safety.

3) Water Pressure Monitoring

Agua’s pressure monitoring sensors continuously monitor the water pressure in pipelines and tanks. This data is used to maintain water pressure at safe and appropriate levels. Some use cases for this include -

● Pressure monitoring in a city’s water distribution pipeline. High pressure loss is indicative of underground leaks.

● Monitoring water pressure in a building's fire safety system.


● Monitoring pressure in pressure tanks and distribution grids.

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